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Flidel Remote Hire

Flidel provides Business Software Suite and Remote Hire Solution Services

Hire employees remotely without any worries

Its hard to find right remote employees and even harder to make sure your business data is safe with them when they work remotely.

You will hire remote employee from our selected and interviewed candidates, who will work in Flidel's offices as per your timezone using our provided computers and internet.

Data Protection

Employees will work on our computers and in our office, so your data is absolutely safe.

Right Talent

You will choose from carefully selected & Verified people who are interviewed by us.

Office Space

Employees will work in flidel's offices. where, we will monitor working hours and their time.

Working Hours

Remote employees will work on your chosen timezone, and working hours.

IT Infrastructure

Flidel will provide all IT infrastructure, from computers to internet. So you don't have to worry about anything.

No Legal Obligations

There is no legal obligations between employee and you. You can discuss your contract as per needs.

Multiple Options

You will have always have multiple options available to choose right people for you or get more anytime.

Cost Effective

No rent or any extra cost to manage your remote employee. You just pay monthly fees for each person you hire.


01. Choose a Person

You will choose from vast database of people for different roles and experience in multiple fields.


02. Interview Candidates

You will interview the candidates and discuss about work, time and salary and finalize terms and conditions.


03. Start the Work

Once you finalized your employee, they will start work as per your terms, we will take care of rest of the things.

More than 500+ businesses rely on our services

We Provide full 360° Solutions to our hundreds of clients across the countries. Our Services range from technical solutions to remote employee management.

Scale Your Business

Flidel allows vertical scaling of your business from staff to technical solutions.

Reduce Operating Costs

By moving most of development and staffing remotely, you are reducing your business operating cost by 80%

Secure Your Data

You data from hired employee or on flidel software both are safe and secure.

Free Unlimited Support

Our support is available 24*7 for all your needs. So you can focus on things you need to.

Do you want to hire remote employees?

Let's talk and discuss your business needs and challenges and how we can be helpful to solve those using our services.