FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the Frequently asked questions about flidel and its services


What is Flidel Business Software Suite?

Flidel Business Software Suite is a Saas Solution which can help to start an online business in a single click. Flidel Business Software Suite is 15+ business industry combine software where can quickly begin travels bookings website, eCommerce website, CMS Solution, Marketing Solution.
Flidel Provides you an appstore where you can install different types of modules like the Accounting Module. Once you install it, you can use Flidel as your Billing Software. In the short words, Flidel Helps All types of Business to Go online with Automation.

Flidel software will run on my domain?

Once you buy subscription you can choose your domain where you like to run this system. Its fully whitelabel system, which will run on your name on your domain. You can also anytime change domain name as you like in future. You can use single domain name for single licence, you can buy more licence for more domain names.

Can we get customizations or design changes in website?

Yes, you can request any kind of customizations, new features or design changes you like in your website, and our team will do it for you and install them on your website. Cost for customizations may differ as per your requested changes or features.


Do we get source code for flidel website?

Flidel is Software as Service solution for business who want to launch their website without worrying about any technical things. You won't get source code for flidel, it will be running on your domain while hosted on on servers.

Can we modify design or have extra features in system?

We have team of developers to give you all customizations as you want, from design changes to additional features.
You can contact us for anykind of your requests by creating ticket from your user account and we will contact you for your requests.

What is flidel app store?

Flidel appstore is marketplace where you can download hundreds of themes, modules and plugins for your website directly.
We are developing this appstore which will be soon open for all 3rd party developers to build modules which will be available to all our customers directly from admin panel.

How can we get mobile apps?

Mobile apps are freely available to all our subscribers without any extra cost. You can download code for apps from appstore and compile and upload to google or apple stores.
If you want us to compile and upload apps for you then you can contact us anytime and our team will handle this task for you.



Can I have an invoice for my subscription?

You can get invoices for each bills on your email and download it in PDF or print it. Alternatively you can requests bills to us, and cancel subscription anytime.