How to use clubhouse for marketing?

How to use clubhouse for marketing?

Clubhouse is a great place to promote your business. If you add a phone number or website to your profile, you will get more followers when people visit your business. You can use the Clubhouse bio to showcase your company’s services, your contact information, location and link your social media accounts. It is great for small businesses to build a community.

I have connected with a lot of people in a very short time on clubhouse.

Offer a free consultation, it can be as simple as offering a 15-min Clubhouse session to discuss how you can help with a business problem. If you have a website, you can include a free consultation as a clickable link at the top of your profile. A free consultation is a great way to help potential clients and eventually build trust.

By getting your message out in your clubhouse, you will be attracting players who are more likely to buy what you are selling. By managing the clubhouse like a business, you can bring in more revenue by advertising in the clubhouse. For example, you can sell ads for your players to sponsor. Advertising can take many forms, such as offering free trials, giving away discounts for your clubhouse customers.

Do a product giveaway for a random listener in your room at the end of a club event. Marketers use giveaways all the time to build buzz around a brand and encourage word of mouth. Plus, free giveaways and prizes show that your business cares about its customers. Promote your club’s giveaway in the event title and description. Because users can come and go from Clubhouse rooms at their own discretion, announce the winner immediately after you decide who it will be. You can even invite the winner to the stage to accept their prize and say a few words.

The clubhouse app is all about networking. It's a lot more about making a lot of friends, and about being strategic about how you make those friends.

Turn your clubhouse into an advertising vehicle. The clubhouse is the focal point of many community programs. Use it to promote everything from launching your business to "Online game marathon" nights.

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